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professional commercial electricians | MInneapolis St Paul MN

If you operate in the business world you understand the importance of safety in the workplace. In addition to the obvious desire to protect employees and customers from harm, there is also the concern of liability should someone get injured on company time. When it comes to electrical systems, many people think that they can handle putting together a few wires. So when a smoke detector needs to be installed or a data system needs to be upgraded, they grab a few tools and get to work. But if you want to ensure proper installation, let Joe Handy take a break and bring in a professional.

Commercial Electrical Services | Minnesota

Edison Electric employs expert technicians with a wide variety of experience in commercial electrical services. These technicians are capable of servicing all of your electrical needs, no matter how simple or complicated they may be. Here is a sampling of the work that we can accomplish for you:

  • New Electrical Services
  • Renovations
  • Emergency/Exit Lighting
  • Lighting Design & Installation
  • Phone/Data Networks
  • Audio/Video Systems
  • CATV/CCTV Systems
  • Flat Screen Installations
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Intercoms
  • 220 Volt Services
  • A/C lines
  • Violations Removed
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Power Conditioning

If you are searching for a professional who will help your company maintain a safe and healthy working environment, look no further than Edison Electric.

Routine Maintenance | Commercial Electrical Repair Services

When most people think about the work of an electrician, they picture a suited man working on a circuit breaker. And while this picture is not wholly inaccurate, the gamut of commercial repair services regularly performed by an Edison Electric technician is significantly wider than you may imagine. Our certified Minnesota electricians are capable of everything from information transport system maintenance to basic electrical system upkeep. A full service company, we strive to assist our customers by providing superior service in every electrical area.

Troubleshooting | We Search Out The Source Of The Electrical Problem

Are your lights flickering for no good reason? Are your intercoms on the fritz? In cases like these trying to figure out what the problem is can be just as frustrating and time-consuming as the project itself. If you are wasting valuable company hours on troubleshooting your own electrical issues, it is time to call in an Edison Electric technician and get back to the work that you prefer to do. Your technician will search out the source of the problem, diagnose it, and provide you with an affordable quote for the cost of repair.

Renovation Projects | Contact Our Master Technicians

If your company is considering a renovation project, you have likely hired architects and designers to assist you in developing a plan for completing it. As you make your design plan it is imperative that you consult a professional electrician who can advise you in how to lay out the electrical components of the project. Without this kind of advice you could end up with misplaced electrical panels or poorly wired lighting fixtures.

If your company needs electrical help, Edison Electric is only a phone call away. Contact our trusted technicians, and enjoy peace of mind.

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